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How to get to know a serious Japanese lady.

How to get to know a serious Japanese lady.

Foreign men who want to have a serious relationship with a Japanese lady.
I will tell you how to get to know a serious Japanese lady.

Japanese are less likely to sue than American women and are basically good at seeing men as superior and supporting them.
You travel to Japan and want to make friends with a Japanese woman or have a Japanese girlfriend. Have you ever thought about that?

This article will tell you how to make friends with Japanese ladies and how to get a girlfriend while you are in a foreign country.
Japanese ladies who want to date a foreigner already hang out in bars and clubs where foreigners often come.
But surely you want to meet a serious Japanese lady, not at a club.
What should you do if you are dating a serious Japanese lady? That is what I would like to tell you in this article.

The conclusion is that you should get to know a lot about the lady's personality through the application, and after that, if you think it is okay to have each other, you should go to Japan to meet her. This is the most serious, decent, and long-lasting way.

Places where serious Japanese girls go to meet foreign me

If you want to go out with a lady after talking to her and getting to know her personality, not in a club, bar, or other direct place, the lady is the same, and wants to meet a foreigner in a place that is not a club or bar.
So where do ladies who think so go?
They go to language exchange parties, English conversation cafes, and cross-industrial exchange meetings held by the government or administration.
They also go to marriage activity parties for foreigners.

Then, through language exchange apps, you can get to know each other better and then exchange personal contact information.

Some Japanese ladies are interested in foreign men, but are wary of them, so I am afraid to meet them until I get to know them a little better. I am afraid of foreign nationals and wonder what I would do if I were deceived.
But if we meet in a serious environment such as a language exchange, our main goal is to study the language, and romance is second. You can build a more natural relationship if you meet in that way.

It is important to be properly sober, as it is different from when you are drinking alcohol.

Use an application

Hello Talk

HelloTalkハロートーク - 英語韓国語勉強&言語交換

HelloTalkハロートーク - 英語韓国語勉強&言語交換


The main purpose of this app is language exchange. Basically, you enter the language you are learning and correct it if it is wrong. It is a serious app and not for dating purposes, but some people are looking to meet people. It is fun because you can learn languages. This one is free.
This is a relatively famous and serious dating matching app in Japan.
You have to use Japanese, but it is possible to communicate using translation apps.
Many girls are looking to meet men rather than foreign nationals.


Pairs(ペアーズ) 恋活・婚活のためのマッチングアプリ

Pairs(ペアーズ) 恋活・婚活のためのマッチングアプリ

eureka,Inc.無料posted withアプリーチ

This is a relatively famous and serious dating matching app in Japan.
You have to use Japanese, but it is possible to communicate using translation apps.
Many ladies are looking to meet men rather than foreign nationals.


Bumble - 誠実なマッチングアプリ

Bumble - 誠実なマッチングアプリ

Bumble Holding Limited無料posted withアプリーチ

There are many English-speaking women here, so many of them are looking for foreign nationality men. However, the number of Japanese registered here is small, so the probability of meeting someone is lower. However, my friend said that this was the best app for her compared to other apps, and she recently got married to a foreign man she met here.

Attend a marriage activity party when you come to Japan

If you are planning to go on a trip to Japan, join a marriage activity party for a few days.
A marriage activity party is a place to meet people based on age, income, cooking together, hiking together, eating together, etc., through hobbies and common interests.
Although there is a fee to attend, the chances of meeting someone are better than blindly going to Japanese pubs.
There are many marriage activity parties, but the following are recommended.

Kompa de Koi Puran Free Registor The purpose of this party is to find a girlfriend, not a marriage partner. You start by getting to know the girls.
Fiore Party Free Registor The purpose of this party is to find a girlfriend, not a marriage partner. But a little stronger desire to get married



A Japanese phone number is required to register as a member. If you do not have one, you can sign up forRakuten Mobile, which will give you a Japanese phone number and allow you to get a signal in the U.S. so you can use it.
is completed online only. The application process is easy and no cancellation fee is required. You can use it for ¥2,980 (about $21) per month with unlimited access and free calls if you use the special app. If you use less than 3 GB in a month, it will be automatically reduced to ¥980 (about $7).Rakuten Mobile also has an English page, so if you are not comfortable with Japanese, you can apply on the English page!

Register with a marriage agency

If you are traveling to Japan, register with a marriage agency.
This costs more to register than marriage activity parties, but it is the place to go if you are strongly interested in finding a marriage partner, not a lover.
Once you get to know each other, you may need to stay in Japan for a long time and meet someone through the agency if you find someone who matches your profile.
However, if you are currently living in Japan, traveling to Japan on business, or visiting Japan frequently, this is the most reliable way.

Sumarrigi ¥6600(about $47) Resistor fee Many people are serious about marriage and are required to submit proof of identity to ensure safety.
A well-known Japanese dating agency will find the perfect partner for you and introduce you to her.

You don't have to live in Japan to meet Japanese lady.

You start with the matching app first, and then individually like the contacts and get to know each other. It takes time, but that is how you can meet serious Japanese women.

We have only introduced the site now, but will gradually explain how to register for the site. Even if you don't understand Japanese, let's find a nice Japanese woman together!

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